Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Inline image 1
declared in Heaven
and in
the earth
by “our Father”
I am
of our house
and become more wonderfully
 her servant
only a few miles
separate me
from my
nothing else
no power in the earth
nor the darkness
which eclipses that divine glimmer
in the heats of all
so that it is become
a dying ember
can separate me from
my beloved
we are one
for “the Fathers hand”
covers us always
and we know
“His” embrace
and are caught up in it
from everlasting
to everlasting
“His” loving-kindness
fills us to
so that we are called
to pour it out on
all those we encounter
embracing all, esteeming all,
enlightening all
in the earth
she is
my very breath, my life
my all
my beloved
and I am filled
with her
she is my only


Inline image 2

“the Father” has knit us
so wonderfully together
distance will not
estrange my beloved
from me
my spirit longs only
for him
my heart desires
only him
my thoughts with him, infinitely
joy in me
he knows
peace embrace me
he knows
we are one
sorrow overcomes
my soul
he knows
dear and precious
from everlasting to everlasting
I weep
he knows
he carries me
lovingly and tenderly always
without ceasing
my beloved is
the essence of
that which
is called
divine grace
he does not seek his own
does not boast or brag
does not envy or behave rudely
thinks no evil, always bears me up
from his rising up
to his lying down
I am first in his
heart, his mind
and his spirit
cherished, adored
lovely, radiant
I am become to him
my life, more precious to him
than his own
though we dwell apart
we are more wonderfully
and divinely
fashioned together
as one
no thing
in the earth
can come
between us
my spirit is one with him
and I am
in the earth I am
his only

leaving bo-key key adameve   and the season of my weeping is come to an end discovered rainbows beginning, child glorifie...