Friday, August 4, 2017



“the harlot”

as it was before

it is again

those who think themselves

called by “My name”


are greatly hindered

from coming unto


wounds unbound, festering


before this firmament

was breathed into existence

“We” preordained

as are all things


to select

for such a time as this

a fit habitation for “Me” to dwell

once again upon this sod


we foreknew

as the

“End of the Age”

would fall upon you


“My Bride”, the glimmer that remains,

would be desperately crying out

and altogether “blind”

as to “the hour”


60 years preparing

for this moment

in this “divine” and mortal vase

has infinitely magnified “My” sorrow


for “My Bride”

the remnant which remains

is become a dying ember, purposely asphyxiated once again

by Caiaphas


wearing the mask

of religious luminaries

political, prosperous, immoral, deceitful

comedians all, misleading,


loitering outside

the narrow gate

leading my flocks to pasture in earthly comfort, devoid of laying up

 “Treasures in Heaven”


“Me and My Father” will not be “DEFILED” by any of these


their theology and doctrine are counterfeit

politicians and celebrities

have now supplanted

“orphans and widows”



whom “I” charged “you” with their



and in “My indignation”

I am found

not willing that even one of these

should perish


and be “cast into the pit”,

 humble yourselves

before “Me” and your flocks likewise

and seek the “Narrow Gate”


which you have obscured

from them so that “I”

can indeed embrace you

take upon “Me” your sorrows


properly bind up your wounds for “I Am”

forbidden to present

“festering sores” before

“My Father”

"My Kingdom is at Hand"
"the Hour" is upon you

"Keep Watch"




























leaving bo-key key adameve   and the season of my weeping is come to an end discovered rainbows beginning, child glorifie...