Saturday, August 12, 2017

“my prayer”

Look in my eyes for a moment

And you will see

the lovely reflection of you

 dwelling in my heart

I love you, and I adore you

I will take on your sorrow

and you will be made whole again


my great desire for you

is that you will know

a great measure of trust

in my love for you

I will always cherish you

And I will always honor you


My desire for you is sacred

Take my hand, tenderly

know the warmth of my embrace

and all that is gentle and kind in my heart

will flow out upon you

the rest of our days on earth

our hearts, and our souls

are become one


 we are only beginning to undergo

the wonderful transformation

of that divine love

which sought us out

and brought us together


shall we gaze upon each other

for moment

and see the divine image

of our love, which is

and shall forever be

our moment in eternity


leaving bo-key key adameve   and the season of my weeping is come to an end discovered rainbows beginning, child glorifie...