Thursday, July 27, 2017

I will tarry here but a
moment longer

I have been reaching out to my bride
through this earthen vase
and all who have read
thought him to be false
and you have suppressed
my servant
as I have written unto you
concerning that this is
indeed the hour and you should be
keeping watch
for “My Kingdom is
at hand”
through him you are told
to prepare
for my
eminent return
which is become
you religious leaders
in this day
have decided that his prophesying
should be hidden from my flocks
just as Caiaphas
before you
I will leave no
child behind
to be devoured by those who are
left behind
in the wake of my leaving
all women left upon the earth
will be barren
will you now prepare to be
taken up
or would you rather dwell in a
desolate place where
nothing can or will
bring you comfort

leaving bo-key key adameve   and the season of my weeping is come to an end discovered rainbows beginning, child glorifie...