Monday, July 24, 2017


present now among

“His flocks”

encompass all, before, behind, tireless sojourner

sword of truth flourish

vanquish evil, dark entity


forever moment bought for you

upon the tree

eternal bliss

divine radiance

abundant grace


dear, precious, mortal vase among you now

scourged, friendless, cast out

become a fit habitation

for the “Masters

eminent appearance


his bride become a harlot

defiled now, as Caiaphas led

made herself lie down

again with Caeser

and embrace his deceit


flocks now pasture in deceptive grass

hunger for leavened bread

and thirst for

living water mingled with deceitful nectar

idle wine


“My Church”

is become blind

to the hour


keeping watch


“My Kingdom is

at hand

and “she” is

turned away










leaving bo-key key adameve   and the season of my weeping is come to an end discovered rainbows beginning, child glorifie...