Friday, July 21, 2017

lovely ebony

dear and precious to us

are the sons and daughters

born into this world

of a richer and more robust complexion


from a more fertile soil

were you brought forth

upon this earth

now come your restoration


it pleased the


for you to be bought and sold

as was


who paid it all for you to become




you became unto them

a black light which revealed

not only the darkness in their souls

but that it should be revealed


that they indeed had become

an abomination to

 “the Father”

to whom they supposed was theirs “alone”


your light

shown to them revealed

that their faith was indeed



it became their theology and their doctrine

to pour out all of

their guilt and shame and suffering and pain upon you

which they were unwilling to reconcile to


“Me and My Father”


and you were broken

for our pleasure

so your eyes would be open

and you would find “us”


no longer shall you be bound to this earth

by strife and hatred

which made you ashamed of that

lovely ebony

you were created to be


I Am

present with you now

dwelling upon the earth

seeking you out


come unto Me

“I” will bind up your wounds

guide you through

the narrow gate


present you

before “MY Father”

to be healed and glorified

and spirit made complete


so that now

when you encounter those

who would disparage

your lovely creation


the abundant

“Grace of Heaven”

would indeed pour forth in you and through you

and embrace them, enlighten them and esteem them
as I do also unto you


that they might also know healing

for they also are

being compelled by the

evil and darkness in the earth


and their spirit must need to be

reconciled and

set free from

that which has


eclipsed the

divine glimmer in them

which is become

a dying ember


we purposed that you would know

a more wonderful


unto us


and that you would return to us


as that wonderful


 the “Glory of Us”


when you departed

from your




lovely ebony

seek out

the “Master”

that  I would become


your servant













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