Monday, August 21, 2017

Crimson Tree

 thorns caress

brow profuse

hands and feet

 impaled upon

crimson tree

by your hand

bought for you

promised land


Wednesday, August 16, 2017


look upon Me
this is
the image
we desire
you to be
transformed into
do you see
this image
when you look in the mirror

keep watch



turn away from

keeping pace

with this world


keep watch


turn away from the darkness

which eclipses the divine glimmer

in you and


keep watch


there is nothing more wonderful

to be desired in this world

than “abundant grace”


keep watch


seek Me, find Me

“My Father” desires you listen

without ceasing


keep watch


this world is moving at the

speed of darkness

devouring all


keep watch


to My church

whom I gave myself for

set yourself apart


so that this world

might begin

to seek us out


with weeping

and mourning of

their own souls


which are become

a stench

and a dying ember


keep watch









Monday, August 14, 2017

 yeshua weeps

as I wept in

times past

My weeping will not cease



My sorrow was great

then due to

their faith being hindered by

religious infidels


I Am dwelling

among you now

and my “church” is become

a harlot


religious leaders

in this day

have sold

her out


she is so

turned away from


she denies “My presence”


I have been

writing unto

these leaders

but they will not


acknowledge my presence

among you

for they are no different

than those who would devour





dwell among you

in a

divine and mortal vase


and you look upon him

with suspicion

because he is

“Our Glory” in the earth


and all those who

consider themselves faithfull

cannot tolerate the

light in him


he was called to

prepare the way for


at the age of innocence


and has been

mocked and heinously

abused and beaten

by all those he has encountered


he had no idea

why he was

continually ostracized

and mistreated


cast out



the “Fathers”

purpose for him

was that one day



would dwell within him

to the fullest measure of

his existence and begin

to prophecy through him


proclaiming that this

is indeed

“the hour”  

“My Bride”

should be











Saturday, August 12, 2017

“my prayer”

Look in my eyes for a moment

And you will see

the lovely reflection of you

 dwelling in my heart

I love you, and I adore you

I will take on your sorrow

and you will be made whole again


my great desire for you

is that you will know

a great measure of trust

in my love for you

I will always cherish you

And I will always honor you


My desire for you is sacred

Take my hand, tenderly

know the warmth of my embrace

and all that is gentle and kind in my heart

will flow out upon you

the rest of our days on earth

our hearts, and our souls

are become one


 we are only beginning to undergo

the wonderful transformation

of that divine love

which sought us out

and brought us together


shall we gaze upon each other

for moment

and see the divine image

of our love, which is

and shall forever be

our moment in eternity


Tuesday, August 8, 2017



in times past

“I have”

declared unto you

“it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to

enter the kingdom of God.”



dwelling among you now

for sixty years

occupying a mortal vase

with the heart and mind and spirit

 of a child



watching with

increasing sorrow

and indignation

the circumference

become all inclusive of



increasing wealth

and prosperity

and political alliances and those

things which have been declared unto you which






cast out


the things of this earth




thirty years

of dying

to self

prepared my way

to the tree


among you now

sixty years

of dying

to prepare you to be

taken up


“My” sorrow

is greatly


to find

those who are called


to shepherd “My”


continually breaking into pieces

for a price

the foundation of your faith


and declare unto you that they are

the author

and finisher


your faith


that your


must meet

their deceitful



your faith

must need be

worked out


“Me and My Father”





religious luminaries

in this day


the end of

the age

is indeed upon you

and you are found not

“Keeping Watch”


they are

fear mongers

they do not embrace

or esteem

or enlighten


you know this

for you are





so much so


you go about

in this day



for the things

of this


which satisfy you



awaken from your


“MY Kingdom”

is at hand

the hour


is upon you







Crimson Tree   thorns caress brow profuse hands and feet   impaled upon crimson tree by your hand bought fo...