Monday, June 19, 2017

a more wonderful peace
            shall embrace thy soul
a greater joy there
            such as cannot be
in all the earth
            awaits us
 and I am
            seated at
            right hand
presenting those whose
wounds are properly
that they may be healed
and made whole
and know
my Father’s hand
restoring them from
a dying ember unto our
and you would know
that this is indeed
the hour
that ye should be
keeping watch for
thy servant
be still and know
my bride
I am come unto thee
as you should begin
to become glorified
that ye may be prepared to be
taken up
without ceasing
surrender to my
Father’s voice
seek grace, always
that ye shall be
filled to overflowing with living water
without ceasing
reflect upon
His wisdom
making His ways
straight before you
and be greatly blessed to
anoint another
without ceasing
            my peace shall
pour forth in you, through you
if ye will allow me
to embrace you
your soul become, an endless, joyful,

Monday, June 12, 2017

Quiet Tears

can you hear the sound

of my quiet tears

by them your wounds are bound up


can you hear the sound

of my quiet tears

as I take upon me your sorrows


can you hear the sound

of my quiet tears

flowing from the tree


the quiet tears

glisten upon my face like diamonds

for your pardon


can you feel

the anointing of

my quiet tears


as you are cleansed

from all



if you are entered in

at the narrow gate

you are greeted by the quiet tears


the abundant grace of heaven

is poured out

in quiet tears











Wednesday, June 7, 2017









a tender kiss from heaven


greets my soul every morning










“And they came

Unto Him”


having heard

that the Master

was indeed

dwelling upon

the earth


in human form

to prophesy

that this

is indeed

the hour



 He received them unto Him with a divine embrace,

He being not willing that any should indeed perish


in the company

of them were

those who suppress the meek

over all

the earth


those whose

thoughts and

desires and

deeds are

evil, always


having a consensus

among them

the Master

allowed them

one inquiry


for He


what was in

their hearts to

ask of Him


being that

you dwell

among us

and prophesy

as to the hour


would you

ask of us

that we

should let

your people go


and as

He was

bowed before

them washing

their feet


He spake

unto them

and said



the "Bridegroom"

is come for

"His bride"

 I would

have them


“follow after me,


















Monday, June 5, 2017

“left behind”

in times past

I have spoken unto you

regarding the young one’s

whom all of you have turned away from

“raising them up in the way that they should go”


this you have entrusted to

public forums


referred to as a proper means of

instructing them


these institutions

are wholly intent

on molesting their hearts

their minds

and their earthly temples


and much owing to

my great sorrow

as I dwell among you

they have laid their

spirits to waste


teaching them

“that which is evil

is good

and that which is good

is evil”


consider this

this is indeed

“the hour”

when you should

be keeping watch for



if ye are indeed,

left behind

after “the Rapture” occurs

the despair you shall know

will be more than you can bear


My Father’s judgments

are just

and He hath declared

we shall take up their cause

and leave no child behind


“for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these”

not one of them will be left behind

to be devoured

by those

who are



"The bridegroom

is come,




















morning stirs us warmly
tender embrace become rapture
greets our spirit every morning
gentle weeping comes
our soul begins to sway
again we are renewed
embraced in

your radiance
day is breaking gently
into heavens warm caress
filled to overflowing
behold now the joy
spilling from our eyes
nothing more wonderful to be desired
filled with

your radiance
moonlight gently calls us
we lie here as one
sacred is our desire
joy is ours, alone
kindle now the fire
one heartbeat, one breath
revealed now to us

your radiance
sleep befall dream
safe in your embrace
loving kindness, poured out from heaven
divine peace, joy, grace
sum of our existence
bowed before you, transformed
we are become

your radiance


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

seek me

for I am
dwelling among you
not hidden from you
this world is
my possession

seek me
let nothing in this world
or no one in this world
hinder your faith
or keep you from me

seek me
with all
of your heart
and you will know
my tender embrace

seek me
with all
of your mind
and my wisdom shall prevail
over all ignorance

seek me
with all
of your strength
and you will know
my power in you

seek me
and you will
surely find me
willing to

"wash your feet"

for I
cherish you
adore you
and you are
precious to me

every one
of you


whisper   a more wonderful peace             shall embrace thy soul a greater joy there             such as cannot be ...